About Us



ALLMAC Industries Co. Ltd.

is a private owned manufacturer and export of quality fabricating machinery, covering a full range of Hydraulic Shearing Machines, Hydraulic Press Brake, Hydraulic presses, and the likes, available in both CNC and manual models.                
The whole range of machinery was developed based on a unique combination of quality design and strict quality control. In-house R&D not only gained experience from domestic models, but also gathered the input from buyers across the world.                
Focusing on international trading, we at ALLMAC have placed our priority on both product quality and service, which are the key elements that make your brand more competitive in the global market.                
Every machine you purchase from ALLMAC will be delivered ready to work. The ALLMAC quality program starts as soon as your order is placed, and will follow through every stage including manufacture, assembly, final testing, packing, and shipment. ALLMAC quality section is a major part of our overall operation, and is staffed by a team of qualified, skilled and experienced engineers and technicians. Quality in all areas of ALLMAC is what sets us apart from our competitors, and the key reason that builds our reputation worldwide. We are committed to quality!                
Meanwhile, ALLMAC has worked closely with a number of leading Machine Tool builders in China, therefore we have long been export representative for Machine Tools of great variety. The quality of any single machine tool ordered is monitored and thoroughly tested before shipping, to ensure the product meet your specific requirements.                
If you are looking to have machinery, components, or even manufacture your own design, ALLMAC industries will be your most reliable partner. From individual casting/forging item, fully machined components, to complete machines, ALLMAC applies all expertise to ensure the best possible outcomes of the final products, offering you huge capacity in competitive price structure. We are open for the discussion of Joint Venture manufacturing in China. Your proposal will be very welcomed.                
ALLMAC Industries is the Chinese agent of Edward Pryor and Son Ltd, a World-renowned leader in the field of industrial marking technology. We are looking for other suitable manufacturers and products to represent in China. ALLMAC is able to offer you direct access to China - a unique and enormous market.                
ALLMAC Industries is very serious about developing its business and we assure you of the best possible service and attention whenever you contact us. ALLMAC are very capable and flexible. We are ready to build a life long relationship with you as a supplier, a partner and a friend. We look forward to hearing from you at any time!