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Milling Machine ZX50FC ZX7550C
Machine Model
ZX50FC ZX7550C
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  • Universal use as milling machines and drill press
  • Easily shiftable gear drive ensures power transmission without losses (ZX7550C)
  • ZX50FC with v-belt spindle drive
  • Head swivels into the horizontal level on both sided via crank and toothed gear, easy activation of manual micro-feed for the spindle quill
  • Spindle and quill with large diameter, radial and axial bearing allows use for milling machines
  • Milling table swivels horizontally, including scale
  • Dovetail guides on all 3 axes
  • Head (ZX50FC) or table (ZX7550C) height can be adjusted through gear rack
  • Forward/reverse setting through motor switch
  • Optional Accessories
  • Power-feed
  • Coolant system
  • Rotary table
  • Halogen working lamp
  • Luxury electric cabinet/box

    Standard Accessories

  • Drilling chuck
  • Milling chuck
  • Reducing sleeve
  • Machine vice
  • Wedge shifter
  • Draw bar
  • Spindle bar
  • Boring bar
  • Wrenches
  • Horizontal cutter arbors (ZX7550CW, ZX6350C & XZ5150)
  • Gear headstocks(ZX6350C & XZ5150)
  • Coolant system(ZX6350C & XZ5150)