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Vertical Metal Band Sawing Machine Series
Machine Model
BSV-1535 BSV-2535
BSV-4070 BSV-5080
BSV-85100 BSV-100150
BSV-100150 BSV-125200
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Vertical Metal Band Sawing Machine Series
This series mainly used for sawing/cutting medium-thick blocks and plates(150mm ~ 400mm) with advantages of narrow cut, saving material and energy, high precision, convenient operation and high production efficiency etc.

  • Feeding guide adopts double-linear guiding rail, with small friction coefficient and long service life;
  • DC motor and lead screw ensures smooth feeding and variable speed control is optional;
  • Electric-controlled material feeding/receiving table is optional;
  • The working table is well designed so that the saw blade can be replaced easily. 

*  1. Hydraulic tensioning for saw blade;
    2. Hydraulic controlled vertical movement for blade guiding arm;
    3. Variable speed regulation for saw blade;
    4. The material is fixed on table and the saw frame moves on rails when cutting;
    5. Auto-change variable speed regulation or D.C variable speed regulation with the steady performance.
    6. Hydraulic table feeder can load heavy material;
    7. Equipped with single or multiple table to adapt to the material length;
    8. Various chip conveyors are optional for customers.