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HDM-200 Turret Punch Tooling Grinder
Machine Model
HDM-200 Turret Punch Tooling Grinder    
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HDM-200 Turret Punch Tooling Grinder
This machine is suitable for various CNC Turret Punch Machines.


  • The Importance of the Turret Punch Tooling Grinding

Only the sharp edge can ensure a steady quality in the punching production. The Turret Punch Machine and also the Punch can get longer life through slight grinding to the punch, but there is no exact standard to decide when we should grind the punch, because it relates to the shape and the dimension of punch and also the thickness of the work piece (steel plate), but you can decide it according to the three conditions as follows:
1. Checking the edge of the punch: if the edge of the punch has worn and formed a round edge with 0.lmm - 0.25mm radius, please grind it.
2 Checking the quality of punching: if the burr becomes big, please grind it.
3. Checking the noise of punching:  if the noise becomes louder, please grind it.

  • Main characters 

 1. Due to the long holder, it is very difficult to clamp the punch on the normal surface grinding machine, but it is very easy to clamp it on this Turret Punch Tool Grinder.
 2. Easy operation,
 3. Limited space required.
 4. Low power supply and tow cost

  • Main technical parameters:

 Motor power (kw):                0.75
 Motor speed (R.P.M):              2800
 Max, Grinding depth (mm):         0.03
 Max. Grinding outer diameter (mm):  200
 Max. Travel range (mm):           50
 Weight (kg):                     200