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DIPS series
UHP pump system
• CE standard
• Twenty items of patent
• 24 hours running
• Stable pressure without fluctuation
• Perfect self-diagnosis protection
• Key parts adopt German and US technology


Perfect filter and safety protection system

Perfect high pressure and low pressure seal system

• Hydraulic system with double-filter ensure the safety.
• Triple micro-filter for inlet water : 5 m/1 m/0.45 m.
• Hydraulic system is installed with oil-temperature inspect and protect equipment..It will auto-stop if the temperature is over 50°.
• Gauge unit is including high pressure gauge, low pressure gauge and electric-contact pressure gauge.  
• Multiple auto-protection for high pressure:
 1. If inlet water pressure lower than standard, electricity shut-off.
 2. High pressure safe valve, over-pressure auto-explode protection.
 3 High pressure sensor, electronic display and over-pressure protection (for 400Mpa system)
01: oil filter.
02: air filter.
03: water filter.
04: display meter.
05: High pressure sensor.
• Low pressure oil tube adopt rigid cone-shaped seal,40Mpa, convenient maintenance, durable service.
• Ceramic plunger, high pressure-bearing, good seal, wearable .
• High-pressure seal kit : material imported , special process,400 hours lifetime.
06: cone-shaped oil seal.
07: G9 HP seal imported.
08: G6D HP seal kits.
09: ceramic plunger.
10: oil seal.
11:Check valve repair kits(imported).