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  • nice appearance, high rigidity,stability and reliability
  • smooth transmission an high precision - the machine is equipped with imported precise linear guideways, high precision gears and racks, German made planetary reducer. The automatic backlash compensation unit ensures the good cutting performance and the high cutting accuracy as well.

Hypertherm EDGE CNC Controller (USA)
EDGE is superexcellent in wisdom and extensive In use for cutting process. It can be competent for almost any auto cutting process. It has powerful functions, can be operated conveniently and is easy to study and use. It's the most Intelligentized control system for culling process.

  • PIII 566 center processor              
  • 256MB internal memory
  • 20G hard disk, 1.44M soft disk driver   
  • 10.4 inch colorful LCD    
  • Windows 98/XP operation system
  • Memorizing the interrupting point and quickly returning to the interruption
  • 43 aptotic macroprocessor, and can be extended into 200 program libraries
  • Auto cutting process of Ignition, preheating, high-pressure oxygen culling and flameout
  • Calibrating function for plate      
  • Mirror image and revolving
  • Record for plasma pole life           
  • Self carrying RS-232 interface communicating software

BURNY 10 LCD CNC Controller (USA)
BURNY 10 LCD digital controlling system for culling is the most advanced digital controlling system for cutting, designed by Cleveland Motion Control Company in America, this system uses Windows NT operating system on PC.
Main functions:

  • CPU: Intel Celeron 433MHz all internal memory: 128M RAM
  • Hard disk: 2OG BI Monitor: 15" TFT LCD with touching Input
  • Soft disk driver: 1.44M, 3.5"          
  • Controlling keys of 8 directions
  • Retuning to the original point of the culling path 
  • Pre-demonstration of the culling operation on monitor
  • Real time display at the culling path    
  • User can compile the general graphs
  • The cutting operation is called a task, which can be Interrupted by a emergent task, and then return to the interrupted point
  • Background compiling    
  • Real memory once the power breakdowns    
  • Menu with Chinese characters
  • Expandable graph libraries, users can define graph libraries besides the 50 standard graph libraries
  • Quick DXF files converting function,which can recognize directly downloaded CAD/CAM/DXF files,and facilitates the users
  • Besides a soft disk drivel, there also equipped a USB poll for transmitting programs

FAGOR CNC Controller (SPAIN)
FAGOR 8025/8035/8040 are superexcellent In wisdom and extensive in use.They can be competent for almost any cutting process. They have powerful functions, can be operated conveniently and is easy to study and use. They are the most Intelligentized control system for cutting process.

  • Display of dynamic track and tracing function for cutting
  • Quick pre-demonstration of the cutting path, auto reporting for error
  • Auto compensation for zero temperature floating of servo unit
  • Double sides drive in step        
  • Clear cutting tip during cutting operation
  • 32K internal memory capacity for part program, infinite external memory capacity
  • Auto data saving function once the power breakdowns