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A web is supported by many hydraulic support blocks in order to prevent deformation while drilling. Rollers type feeding, Numerical measure along the lengthways. Malformation monitoring for webs and flanges. Horizontal and vertical clamping for H-shaped steel.
Both side-drilling heads are different, one is fixed and the other can do the horizontal movement, so that different web heights can be satisfied. Each of the spindles adopts the technology of self-controlled travel, it can move along the two coordinates and realize drilling feeding, which ensure three spindles drilling simultaneously on the three sides of an H-shaped steel. The hydraulic system serves as clamping the workpiece, feeding the drill, driving the slot, monitoring the malformation of workpiece, removing the rust of surface and supporting the web of H-shaped steels, etc. Main hydraulic components are of imported ones to ensure the reliability of the machine.
  Main components in controlling system are of imported ones to ensure the reliability of machine.
And program, store, display, call up and communicate conveniently by using host computer.
The high-grade atomizing cooling system can prolong the drill's life.