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The Powerful Function of the AMS CONTROLLER
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The Powerful Function of the AMS CONTROLLER    
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The Powerful Function of the AMS CONTROLLER 
 ----High speed  
 ----High accuracy   
 ----High production            
 ----High efficiency

Your Competitive Advantage:    
AMS Controls' products and services work harder and faster to reduce your unit cost, enhance your products, and help you to stay ahead of the game by continually improving the roll forming process.

Since their first installation more than 30 years ago, AMS Controls has worked with literally thousands of manufacturers in the roll forming industry, continuously integrating new ideas into their state-of-the-art electronic control systems-with an AMS Controls system, you get not only quality , but the best experience of every manufacturer they’ve worked with to produce tighter part tolerances, faster speeds, improved efficiency, and minimal scrap.
The XL200 SERIES is the ultimate controller for roll-forming and cut-to-length applications. With reliable performance, precision control and a user-friendly interface, the AMS XL200 SERIES is the most prevalent and widely-used controller in the U.S. Specifically designed for the needs of the roll forming industry, AMS XL200 controller can improve production efficiency remarkably. System set-up is simple ,requiring only a few easy adjustments to DIP settings and parameters to complete installation. And featuring an intuitive, easy-to-use user interface, even new operators can run the machine like seasoned experts with only minimal training.

For high accuracy and high efficiency, AMS XL200 SERIES CONTROLLER features include:

  • Compact structure, integrating the CNC,PLC and human-machine interface into one assembly that is reliable, maintenance-free, and easy to install.
  • Two encoder inputs.
  • Two analog outputs.
  • One SERCOS interface for connecting digital servo drives.
  • One RS232 serial port for connecting an AMS-approved bar code scanner (this port is also used for updating the controller's firmware).
  • One SVGA Port for connecting to an industry-standard SVGA monitor.
  • One mouse port for connecting any industry-standard PS/2 mouse to make operation even easier.
  • A large 10.4 inch, color liquid crystal display (LCD) with touch-screen.
  • 10 DIP switches for defining different controller types and functionality, such as flying shear or feed-to-stop shear.
  • A built-in, pre-programmed machine control with 24 Inputs and 24 Outputs.

CNC Function

The XL200 controls the roll-forming machine.

  • Manual or automatic control of line movement forward or backward
  • Manual or automatic control of tooling movement.
  • Accurate control of line feed.
  • Control of up to 12 individual presses.
  • High resolution encoder with 8000 pulses per revolution can be used.
  • Line speed of up to 1000 FPM (open-loop controller).
  • Stopping and Flying modes.
  • SERCOS digital interface for connecting with as many as eight servo drivers and communicating with them by optical fiber to eliminate signal problems caused by the cable length and signal noise.
  • Multi-axis configuration for punch or press or die.
  • Control for up to 75 gags, so the system can activate any press gag or any combination of press gags.
  • Delay reaction parameters for of the shear or punch or press to compensate for press reaction times and stop reaction times and increase accuracy.
  • Customer-specified length tolerance parameter.
  • Closed loop motor and flying press simulation for easy calibration.
  • A built-in, pre-programmed machine control with 24 Inputs and 24 Outputs.
  • Easy controller calibration through setup parameters.
  • Communication ports to connect with part printers, bundle labelers, and bar code scanners.
  • Optional ECLIPSE software for ERP interface. ECLIPSE can be installed on an office PC, and communicate with AMS controller on the production floor, sending the orders and monitoring the machines.